Summer holidays business check-list

Checklist for businesses to ensure their cyber security is prepared for changes in working practises during summer holidays

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Watch that email

Remind users to report Phishing emails. This practice helps everyone combat against scam emails getting into the inbox. And use guidance, such as this, to be aware of latest scams


Don’t fall for social engineering

Ensure all employees question an email purporting to be from a colleague asking for assistance e.g. CEO asks you to transfer some money quickly


Communication methods

If you can, confirm the work and personal phone numbers of senior managers so the company knows how to contact them


Keep your clients in the loop

Inform clients that there will be additional security measures taking place to confirm payment-related requests received during the holiday period


Dynamic Incident Response

Ensure communication lists reflect changing resourcing levels and delegated/backup individuals are included and aware of the incident plan


Upwards delegation

Ensure all employees know where they can report incidents to senior management during the holiday period especially if their line manager is off


Register any devices to be used for work

If employees are going to use personal phones or laptops to access the corporate network, get these registered as devices so they can be managed properly


It’s not your data

Remind employees that company data is not to be stored outside of company resources which includes personal emails and personal cloud storage


The right tools for the job

Ensure your employees have access to the corporate tools they need even if working away from their normal location. (Although if they are on holiday they should be relaxing and not working!)


Keep policies in place

DO not turn off policies that restrict access because it makes things easier. Communicate to staff that possible longer support times maybe experienced as due process will be followed


Keep your ID yours

Remind employees that usernames and passwords should never be shared to perform a task because someone is out of the office


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