Stopping Cyber FRaud

Learn how 2tela can defend you against the most costly cyber crime

Has your business ever received an email from a supplier requesting a change of payment details due to a modification to their manufacturing process, supply chain or similar?

And someone has updated the payment information held in your system without thinking? This is cyber fraud. It’s happened to thousands of businesses and continues to be the primary cyber threat to companies.

Whilst ransomware attacks are sometimes catastrophic for businesses, cyber fraud is the most common threat and is equally difficult to defend against.




What is cyber fraud?

Cyber fraud or business email compromise (BEC) as its commonly known is a loosely defined cyber-enabled crime that has common factors:

  • Committed by financially motivated criminals from all over the world
  • Uses phishing emails to begin the attack
  • Relies on social engineering to trick its targets
  • Ends up in redirecting funds from legitimate payments to criminal accounts
How can cyber fraud be stopped?

Stopping BEC is not as straightforward as buying one piece of technology or having a new information security policy implemented.

Stopping BEC needs cyber security basics and more advanced capabilities due to the multi-layered nature of the crime; it uses technical compromises and social engineering to achieve its nefarious aims, each one needs to be defended against.

How 2tela stops cyber fraud

2tela do not sell silver bullets or claim to stop all attacks.

We supply three service elements that individually help reduce the risk from cyber fraud/BEC, which when combined supply a powerful defence to stop cyber fraud. The elements are:

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how 2tela protects clients against BEC

three steps to stopping cyber fraud

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