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We offer three main services which are detailed below. Expand by hitting ‘Learn More’ and scroll down to see the client journey in detail. 

Cyber Consultancy

Bespoke expertise to guide you in securing your business from cyber threats.

Our experienced cyber consultants will work with you to assess your security requirements and implement capabilities to protect your business.

Each business is unique, so each cyber consultancy will be tailored to your needs; all delivered & managed by our experts.

Cyber Intelligence

Specialised capabilities to reduce the risk to your business from attackers.

Using the latest technology and analytical techniques, we will assess your digital footprint and data profile to understand how it could be exploited by attackers.

We provide in-depth guidance to reduce the risk from contemporary threats; all delivered & managed by our experts.

Cyber Protection Service

24/7/365 managed security service to defeat cyber attacks all-day, every day.

We utilise market-leading Microsoft technology and human experts to deliver a managed service which actively protects your data and end-users.

The service is designed to block threats without being an overhead on your business; all delivered & managed by our experts.

The Client Journey

Step 1 - Assess & Understand
We work with our clients to understand their business, its needs and existing security capabilities. We will use this information to determine the key cyber risks & gaps in capabilities.
Step 2 - Analyse & Report
No business is the same and therefore protection needs to be aligned to the risks that you face. We will provide the in-depth analysis and critically the guidance on what needs to be done and in what order
Step 3 - Implement
Set and forget is not applicable in today’s environments. On a positive note cyber controls are constantly changing to combat these threats. We constantly review the output the tools generate and update controls as necessary.
Step 4 - Protect
Speed is now the critical factor in combatting against a successful cyber-attack. We provide and deliver automated responses to halt the advancement on an attack.
Know your business
Understand your business
Take control of your business
Protect your business

Where do I start?

Reduce risks

Peace of mind

We believe the best decisions are derived from understanding the right data at the right time. Our cyber portfolio is designed to identify, prioritise and protect your data and end-users to enable your business, securely.

count on us

The Security Specialists

Our sole focus is to protect our clients from all forms of cyber attacks. We have market leading intelligence capabilities that enables us to deliver the ‘so-what’ from this data to protect our clients and their end users

Top of the game

Best Practices

Using industry lead guidance from NCSC and others, we have zeroed in what really matters to businesses, what risks are faced and the best chance to protect against attacks.

Plain English answers to the questions many have about cyber for business

Have questions about cyber? see below for the answers

The first step is to understand the IT network and systems your business has and what security capabilities these systems possess. Next, implement the five NCSC basic steps towards cyber security (NCSC 5 Steps). This will give you a great foundation to make your business secure.

We at 2tela can guide you through these five steps and implement the security capabilities to protect your business.

Yes you do. Cyber insurance is great at providing resources to recover from a cyber attack, but implementing some basic cyber security capabilities will help secure your business to stop attackers. 

Its important to have capabilities to prevent your business being hacked, this will complement any insurance coverage you have and could lower associated premiums.

Our cyber consultancy services can help you understand the capabilities required to defend your business.

We at 2tela can help configure your Microsoft systems to provide cyber security for your business. These configurations will be based on our years of experience in the industry and our latest cyber intelligence on key threats to UK businesses. 

A Chief Information Security Officer is a highly qualified role that defines a business’s cyber security strategy to mitigate risks and implement technical defences & policies. 

CISO’s are a scarce resource, often too expensive for many SME’s; we at 2tela have designed our service portfolio to provide UK businesses with strategic analysis and understanding, which will provide the expert services normally delivered by a CISO.

We would treat this as a partnership and not a one-off engagement, as continued defence is the only way to combat the changing cyber landscape.

Threat Intelligence is the specialised process of understanding whether hackers are planning to attack your business and which elements of your network they may seek to exploit.

We at 2tela provide cyber intelligence services which deliver threat intelligence evaluations to help businesses understand how they can reduce the risk from attackers.

Threat Intelligence can be an expensive business but we at 2tela have a portfolio of cost effective options designed specifically for UK SME’s.

This is an unfortunate but real risk in today’s interconnected world. Data breaches often contain email addresses and passwords which can be used by cyber attackers.

Because the options on what to do next can be quite broad, we suggest you contact 2tela and we can discuss in more detail both the incident and suggested next steps.

Our cyber intelligence capabilities can monitor your business 24/7 to detect data breaches and provide expert response services when required.

A business’s digital footprint is its complete online profile – from its website to IT infrastructure and information posted online by its staff.

Attackers can often use a business’s digital footprint to find weaknesses to exploit – our cyber intelligence capabilities can help you understand your digital footprint and explain, in plain English, to your key decision makers on how to reduce the risk to your business.

The tragic war in Ukraine has seen ongoing speculation in the press about possible large scale Russian cyber attacks against the UK and other NATO nations.

There is an increased cyber threat to the UK critical national infrastructure due to the current war; however the risk of Russia attacking a UK SME directly is still fairly low. Please read our latest Cyber Intelligence Report on the threat and contact us to discuss in more detail.

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