Phishing campaigns targeting UK organisations

Phishing is the primary cyber threat to UK businesses; requires staff to remain trained on threat to defeat it

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Phishing remains the most common cyber threat to UK small and medium sized (SMEs) businesses.

Phishing is the sending of emails, often on a large scale, inside which are documents or links that contain malicious software.

Once opened, the malware either steals user credentials or downloads viruses into the wider network. Phishing is often used to distribute malware which leads to ransomware attacks.

Phishing remains at high levels since 2020 jump

Using data from the Information Comissioners Office (ICO), 2tela have tracked reported phishing incidents in the UK since January 2019.

There was a large increase in early 2020, coninciding with the beginning pandemic. The high levels of phishing have remained ever since, showing phishing remains a prevelant threat.

Malicious emails often evade defences

Phishing is a cyber attack technique as old as the hills, but it remains a potent threat.

This is because hackers adapt their spam campaigns to evade technical defences. For example, they steal existing email chains and insert phishing messages within the exchanges.

Therefore, educating and training the workforce is vital to prevent phishing attacks. As users are often the first and best defence against this threat.

Keep phishing match-fit with 2tela threat intelligence

To keep your staff up to date with the latest phishing threats directed against UK businesses, please use 2tela’s latest Cyber Intelligence Report.

This is free to access and has been designed specifically for users. It provides a guide to spotting the latest phishing threats

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