2tela selects digital risk protection partner

SMEs face an ever-growing risk of cyber-attack, 2tela has selected Skurio to help UK businesses protect their users and data

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Cyber Security Managed Services provider 2tela has appointed Skurio, the Digital Risk Protection company, to enhance its cybersecurity offerings to protect UK small and medium enterprises (SMEs) further.

Skurio’s Digital Risk Protection platform plays an integral role in 2tela’s protective suite of services, which allows 2tela to provide ongoing intelligence on how at-risk a customer is, and acts as an early warning system to take proactive and automated actions to stop a breach from becoming a threat.

2tela use Skurio’s capabilities to provide market-leading threat intelligence managed services.

We provide threat intelligence services for all sizes of business, including a tailored service for small businesses, specifically designed & priced for this market.

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Skurio’s website (external link).

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